• Construction Services


    Meadcor Construction offers many services as part of our preconstruction process including:

    • Estimating
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Planning & Scheduling Programs
    • MEP Review
    • Constructability Review
    • Risk Management
    • Market Analysis
    • Cost and Quality Control

    Throughout the construction process, we offer additional services, consultation, and guidance on items such as:

    • LEED Certification Pursuance
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Change Order Management
    • Labor Relations
    • Self-Perform
    • Ongoing Quality and Safety Programs

    A project isn’t complete just because the construction phase is done. Meadcor offers additional services to help ensure a successful handoff of your building and ongoing success for the project including:

    • Commissioning
    • Lien Releases
    • O&M Manuals & Warranty Information hand-off
    • Project Closeout web site pre-populated with building data
    • One-Year Walkthrough


    We want to help you build a successful project. Our collaborative construction approach brings all of the services you need from concept to completion into one, seamless process. We also offer many value-added services that Meadcor developed to add additional levels of quality, safety, collaboration and more to your project. We hope you’ll learn more about them and how we can put our services to work for you.

    People have grown tired of searching for homes only to realize that they all look basically the same. No unique character or custom features, just the same boring contractor finishes. Or they find houses where the previous home owner “recently updated” the home, but it is nothing that you would want, and it seems a waste to tear out something that was just put in.  Meadcor Construction exists to help people make the subtle changes and touches of custom home remodeling, builds and design that make a home look and feel unique to each individual family. We help Investors identify, purchase, and renovate houses that will turn into homes tenants are thrilled to be in or flip. If you are in the market looking for home remodeling Contractors in Chattanooga area’s and just purchased or just want a new updated renovation done in your current flip house, please consider letting Meadcor Construction in Chattanooga help you design your current purchased property or find and renovate a house in an area that you like.


  • Project Delivery Methods


    We serve as both a construction manager and general contractor, employing a large number of skilled craftsmen and trades. Collaboration is always important; we approach projects as a partner with the design team and owner.


    Using a partnering approach, Meadcor helps public owners select experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for the design and construction team. Working together at the project’s inception, the construction management team can quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges.


    Utilizing design-build provides single-source responsibility and the potential for rapid completion. Integrated design, construction planning and an accelerated schedule are hallmarks of this approach. Meadcor fosters open communication and teamwork that is a necessary condition for successful design-build.


    We place emphasis on developing programmatic solutions that extend beyond a single project. Our staff of professionals can provide great efficiencies, construction and design fee savings, control of quality and scheduling, and fiduciary responsibilities for the owner.


    A highly collaborative approach, integrated project delivery (IPD) assembles a team at the very earliest stage of a project. Enhanced by technology, we are able to dramatically reduce risk and gain efficiencies for the owner.


    Often referred to as design-bid-build, this method is a linear process where one task follows completion of another with no overlap. The design team is selected separately and reports directly to the owner. Plans and specifications are completed by the architect and then bids are issued. Contractors bid the project exactly as it is designed with the lowest responsive bidder awarded the work.


We’re Looking For Partners On Our Next Projects.

At Meadcor Construction and Meadcor Investments we’re growing and always looking for our next profitable real estate projects.  If you’re interested in partnering on a project with us, connect with us by clicking the button below to go to our Contact page.  We’re currently looking to work with people who…

  • Have properties that they want to co-develop with us into performing assets
  • Want to participate in real estate projects with us as passive cash partners
  • Want to sell us their property at a fair price

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